Halbe from April 24th to May 1st, 1945  
The battle in Halbe was during the end of the Second World War around April 24th and May 1st,  1945, at the south of Berlin in the area of Markisch Buchholz. It was one of the last battles in  Germany and it was a combat between the German troops and the Soviet troops. During this  battle, the Germans fought but surrounded by the Red Soviet army, in the forest between  Markisch Buchholz and Halbe.  
In this battle, the Soviet troops lost 20,000 soldiers out of 280,000, the German troops lost  30,000 soldiers out of 50,000, and about 10,000 citizens and forced draftees died.

Halbe, Now
At this place, it was also hard to find a particular place due to the passage of time. I looked at the  situation map of the battle and walked around the area and then decided to do the photo shooting  at the entrance of the forest, located northeast of Halbe. The forest is still wide, big and deep.

View the scenes #743 #Field #Death #WWII #Halbe #CE2011 #60x120cm

View the scenes #744 #Field #Death #WWII #Halbe #CE2011 #60x120cm

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