Hürtgenwald from September 19th, 1944 to February 10th, 1945 
From September 19th, 1944 to February 10th, 1945, in the west of Germany is an area called Eifel  and there is a forest to the north called Hürtgen Forest. In this area, the longest battle of the  western part was taking place. 
The US troops enter Germany in September, 1944 through a border city called Aachen, which is  located between Netherlands and Belgium, and decide to capture the Hürtgen forest and the Ruhr  river. The German forces try to stop them and a 5 month long intense battle started. Through this battle, 33,000 soldiers out of 120,000 US soldiers have died, and 12,000 soldiers out of 80,000 German soldiers have died.

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Hürtgenwald, Now
The area of Hürtgenwald is 88.04 square kilometers big.  In this region, I decided to take pictures of the forest in between Schmidt, Vossenack and Simonskall.  As much as it was an intense battle, there are some cemeteries for soldiers who died in that time in this area.  The graves for the unknown soldiers are coming to my sight.​​​​​​​​​​​​​​

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